See this Film!

As the semester is winding down, I've become more of a procrastinator, making time for more and more non-school related things lately. Tuesday night I went to see Visual Acoustics at the Landmark, and all I can say is if you have any interest in photography, Californian architecture, or old men that are total characters, you have to see this film. So inspiring and a great reflection of Schulman's work.


A Day at the Zoo

Well, it was a school-related trip, but last Saturday Ben, Erik, Kay and I made our way to the Zoo. It happened to be a beautiful fall day and we wandered around for a while, so it almost felt like we were there for pleasure. Either way, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Highlights of the zoo included Ben showing us the Pandas, and his favorite friend "Rosie" (who happens to be a huge octopus). I think my favorite were the jellyfish, although in the great apes building, parents were snickering, filming, and/or shielding their children's eyes as two chimpanzees "got their groove on" for several minutes - too funny. Grossest part had to be an arachnid habitat, that was not enclosed at all (with Ben telling us the spider's often get loose!). We are planning a group outing to see A Christmas Carol after Thanksgiving, so I'm glad I'm at least getting to do some stuff in D.C. (finally!).

Erik, Kay and I, studious as always...