In the Pink

My good friends know I spend, well, an excessive amount of time reading design blogs. I like to think it's just part of my morning ritual and inspiration for the day. One of my favorites, Coco+Kelley, had a Valentine's day post for single girls, invoking them to embrace their singlehood and decorate with pink while they still could. While I always tend to hover toward my favorite palette of "any shade of blue", I realized going through my saved images, that I have a lot of love for pink as well. Hmm, inspiration for my next apartment?

Oh, how I would love this front door (and house, too).
Work of Moises Esquenazi, via Desire to Inspire

Betsey Johnson's old New York apartment dining room. Can I have that chandelier, too?

My dream closet! - can't remember where I pulled this from.

Photographer Brandon Barre via Desire to Inspire

Vignette from Kelly Wearstler


Heart Art

Call me the eternal optimist, but even though I'm going to spend Valentine's Day solo, I still find all the paraphernalia that comes along with it adorable (my mom also is a great stand-in for the holiday, which I'll admit, I love). DPA sent me some holiday-related art today, and I couldn't help but smile - loving all the hearts! I would even go as far as saying for the next few days, I might not even hate the color red :).

In the holiday spirit, I watched "New York I Love You" last night, and really enjoyed it. Plus, the residents of the Blue House made a Valentine's Day cake (pink frosting, heart sprinkles and all) - guess we're really becoming domestic as we're cooped up waiting for this Blizzard to end.


Snowpacaplyse/Snowmageddon hits D.C.

Ahh, the snow is beginning to pile up... apparently we're in for the worst storm DC has seen in the last decade or so. Luckily, I was prepared this time - moved my car to Catholic's garage, and managed to endure the craziness that was Giant Grocery yesterday (seriously, people panicking because there wasn't enough water, and lines that extended down the food aisles).

So, I'm spending the day at home, curled up, catching up on some homework (or pretending to at least). My big adventure for the day was finally tackling the French Press I bought last semester, and was proud of the pot I brewed this morning.

The snow is supposed to stop late tonight, and I'm going to venture out at some point. Eric got me an Holga camera for my birthday, and I'm excited to (finally) start shooting some film again.

Looking out my bedroom window - at 9 this morning - with another 12 hours of snow predicted.