Snowpacaplyse/Snowmageddon hits D.C.

Ahh, the snow is beginning to pile up... apparently we're in for the worst storm DC has seen in the last decade or so. Luckily, I was prepared this time - moved my car to Catholic's garage, and managed to endure the craziness that was Giant Grocery yesterday (seriously, people panicking because there wasn't enough water, and lines that extended down the food aisles).

So, I'm spending the day at home, curled up, catching up on some homework (or pretending to at least). My big adventure for the day was finally tackling the French Press I bought last semester, and was proud of the pot I brewed this morning.

The snow is supposed to stop late tonight, and I'm going to venture out at some point. Eric got me an Holga camera for my birthday, and I'm excited to (finally) start shooting some film again.

Looking out my bedroom window - at 9 this morning - with another 12 hours of snow predicted.

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