Light Love

Hello, I'm back. Sorry to have disappeared for a bit, but jet-setting from coast to coast, trying to spend as much time with long-lost friends and family, and oh yeah, trying to do some thesis preparation this summer left me a little m.i.a. But as today was my (last!) first day of school, I am ready to get back in the swing of things and show up here on my blog as well. So without further ado...

I have to post about the amazing lighting design studio I discovered over the weekend: Lindsey Adelman Studio. Maybe I'm like a gazillion years late on this discovery (as well as Missoni for Target - counting down for that one, too), but going through the studio's website over the weekend, and realizing I was saving almost every image into my inspiration folder made me realize it was not just like, it was love. This was proven further when I realized she has a DIY version with directions to download on the website as well. The Brick House made one, and I am definitely bookmarking the project for my next apartment. The interiors styling doesn't hurt either...

All images from Lindsey Adelman Studio


Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to take the time to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary today. They're celebrating 38 years together (crazy kids met freshman year of college and were married upon graduation). My brother Eric and I are lucky to have them both in our lives - they are incredibly loving, caring, and supportive. Hope you have a great anniversary Mom and Dad!


Surfer Chic Beach House

I have said on several occasions that I want my next apartment to be painted all white. For those friends who have heard this, they look at me like I'm crazy as I obviously love color. So I was delighted to turn to this spread in September's House Beautiful magazine. Designed by Mona Ross Berman, this sixties-inspired beach house shows just how much you can do with color in an all-white space. The only thing I didn't like about the beach house was its location on the wrong coast (New Jersey). I'll take one of these in California, please!

The house's color palette came from the dining room tabletop: orange, yellow, turquoise, and white.

Eames chairs, the AMAZING table, and a Jere sculpture set the scene.

You've got to love the yellow Moroccan poufs!

The white wall-exception: powder room with wallpaper by Studio Printworks. Love!

Last but not least (and possibly my favorite), the master bedroom in shades of orange and pink. Loving the Missoni-inspired floor and the headboard upholstered in a Raoul Textiles fabric.
All images from House Beautiful


First Time Lapse Test

I am so excited to post my first time lapse test my brother and dad helped me with over the weekend. We set up Eric's camera on the D Street steps in Encinitas, and with the help of the intervalometer I bought, it actually wasn't too difficult a process. So now I just have to pick out what shots of my site I want to take (which should be fun as I still am on the fence a bit about that) and get ready to sit on the beach for several hours. I can't wait to capture sunrise and sunset, too - well besides the getting up when it's still dark outside part. And when I'm done shooting the stills, I'm hoping to insert some surf video into the project as well - I have an ambitious week ahead of me, that's for sure!

Well, can't figure out how to upload to Blogger with higher resolution, so view it small and not full screen, but it gets the point across...


Here's to My Last Lazy Weekend

Pehmeä pesä, paras ja kaunein. Paikka johon unohtua.
A soft nest, is pretty and the best. A place you want to be.

Translation: Viena Pentikäinen
Found at RTIF

Source Unknown
Looks like a nice place to laze the day away...


My Marimekko Faves

So you may realize I'm a little obsessed with Finland. What can I say, those Finns know good design. I am so excited that Crate and Barrel has broadened their range of Marimekko products as well - finally we're getting a good taste of the company in the U.S. I had been dreaming of these guys last summer, but knew I wouldn't be able to bring home a whole new collection of kitchenware. But now, I may just have to purchase some of these for my soon-to-be-post-grad-place (wherever that may be)...

All images from Crate and Barrel


Time Lapse Inspiration

Eddie gave me a tutorial tonight on iMovie so I can start attempting to put together my time lapse idea for thesis. Of course this led to online searching for examples of what I'm hoping to create, and I came across this video. Definitely way out of my league, but super cool!