Busy Busy

I think after hibernating through the winter months, I'm shocked by how fast the spring is whizzing by.  All of a sudden it's April and I'm realizing I need to start figuring things out. You know, like a job, and where I'm going to live, etc. No biggie. My house-sitting gig is up at the end of April though, so I'm starting to feel like I'm hitting crunch time. Luckily the Helsinki Library submission is due April 16, so even though I'm sure next week will be full of sleepless nights (okay exaggeration, I'm too old to keep those hours), the end is in sight, which is good. I'm glad I worked on it - definitely a good learning experience... and if Chloe and I can somehow make pretty renderings from the soulless sketch-up model we now have, I'll post them. 

The rest of my week entails wrapping up my portfolio so I can send to print, and making a trek out to Virginia (I think Friday?) to look for tile. I'm working on my aunt Cheryl's and friend Eddie's houses - kitchen and bathroom renovations. Neither are huge projects, but both are giving me a lot of creative freedom, so I want to hit up this place in the middle of nowhere that has a pretty huge inventory at really good prices. 

Then somehow this weekend is Easter? See, whizzing by. On my bucket list for DC was to attend a mass at the Basilica on CUA's campus, so I'm thinking I may just be crazy and go Sunday. Also thinking I want to bring my camera to photograph the masses (of people). Ok, so not for devout reasons, but I think that's the plan - at least for now. I was hoping to hole up in the architecture building all weekend and use the facilities, but apparently they're trying to put the building on lock down, so I think that idea is kaput. 

Inspiration for Eddie's kitchen? We're thinking white shaker cabinets (and I'm a sucker for these pulls), hopefully refinishing the wood floors, and maybe a gray or black stone counter. I am hoping to find a great deal on an interesting backsplash, although I'm also toying with the idea of a white subway tile with gray grout.