Purple + Pink

The advantage of being a single lady is that I can indulge any more feminine schemes without compromise. Like this dining room found at Amber Interior Design's Blog:

Loving the purple pillows (my mom would be so proud) and the rug. Okay, okay, also the Eames Chairs, pendant and table.


I'll take this Bachelor (Pad)

I need to go to sleep, but drooling over this home in Brooklyn. Found via DesiretoInspire.


Spring is finally here

I've been hibernating again - well at least from posting - this semester has been incredibly tough with very little relief. Anyways, our group got through our 75% review yesterday with mostly positive comments and now I just have a thesis mid-review to get through Friday. See? Never-ending. But, I also realized we have 6 weeks left of school, so the end is in sight (in a completely exciting yet terrifying way). Luckily, the weather is finally warming up, which I realize does really affect my mood - guess I truly was spoiled with years of California warmth. I think my brother actually provided me with some serenity today as well:

That was my zen moment for the day, guess I better get back to working on my thesis paper...


I ♥ Sarah Richardson

Okay, so most of you know I'm an HGTV addict. What can I say, I love me some home renovation shows. Well, as my roommates and family could attest to, I often times sit there criticizing what the designers did and how I would have done it differently. However, I am obsessed with Sarah Richardson. If only HGTV would air more of her - for some reason her Canadian show is not aired simultaneously here. So I've had to do some online digging to get my fill, and of course, it's only strengthened my addiction. Here's a glimpse of what she did recently for an Interior Design Show (I think it was in New York?).

Surprise, surprise, I love her blue room. Actually, I'm really liking the wall art - looks like a great DIY project.

Okay this one is for the Finland shout-out (the pillow is their flag)

And, of course, my close second favorite color is yellow, so I love this sunny bedroom. I also love the dress which I recognize from Anthro - great taste in clothing as well ;-).
All images from Sarah Richardson Design


Add it to the List

When I find some free time...

I'm amazed at this transformation - from fence to bench. The Eames bases aren't too shabby either, but it's nice to see such a beautiful piece made from reclaimed materials.

All images from The Brick House


Style Quiz

After dubbing my aunt "Earthy Textural" yesterday, I came across this Style Quiz thanks to YHL. After selecting images that I "preferred" from others, from various room images - bedroom, kitchen, etc, to what hat I'd want to wear - my result? Unpretentious Bon Vivant - the explanation:

An intimate home of modest proportions. The living room envelops your kitchen in hip cool. A button down bedroom belies it's comfort. Art that definitely does not match the sofa. Thematic table accessories set the mood. A lithe and agreeable cab - no meal required. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. A den of discussion for artists and intellectuals.
And, the best part, the celebrity suspects for my type? Cary Grant and Coco Chanel. Who knew I was that sophisticated?


Wood Inspired

My aunt Cheryl recently purchased a new house, and now that she has successfully replaced almost every light in it (chandeliers, sconces, you name it), she's eager to start planning the bigger projects - namely the bathroom renovations she wants to do (2 full baths + 1 powder room). After browsing with her yesterday at various home stores, killing time before we saw a movie, I decided to dub her style "Earthy Textural." She definitely resonates with warm wood tones, layering of different textures, maybe even a bit eclectic in taste (at least in my opinion). It should be fun designing these bathrooms with her, especially as she leans to the more traditional, and as most of you know, I grew up in the "big white box" as my brother used to call it. Although, Cheryl made me promise not to start working on it until I wrote my paper, so I guess I better get going. In the meantime, these images were inspiring the warm feeling I think we'll be heading in...


Sunday Brunch

Day two of my WOF (weekend of freedom :-)). Off to brunch with my aunt Cheryl, then maybe catch a movie later today since it's supposed to be raining until tonight. Sounds like a perfect lazy-day Sunday to me!

Image from RTIF


Happy Weekend!

I was happy to set my alarm this morning to start off my school-free-filled weekend with Robin. We're off to Hitched in Georgetown to look for bridesmaid dresses, then this afternoon I finally get to see her dress and talk flowers, parties and planning. Hope you all have a great weekend as well!


Window Shopping

Alright, I'll be honest, online shopping, but hopefully once Spring Break starts next week, I'll have time to do the real thing... I am going through project withdrawal. Not that I have the time, but when I lived in Santa Monica or in Venice with Panpan, I was always in the midst of some home improvement project - whether it was painting or (attempted) gardening, or other small DIY projects. This morning I saw this sofa on Miss Pixies' website (my favorite DC store with a very eclectic collection of repurposed/vintage finds) and was really wishing I could sweep it up and reupholster it. Then somehow magically bring it with me to a new apartment I will occupy post-grad school:

It's for sale for $300 which is a total steal, and would look amazing in the blue velvet I've been dreaming of. Ahh, someday...