Window Shopping

Alright, I'll be honest, online shopping, but hopefully once Spring Break starts next week, I'll have time to do the real thing... I am going through project withdrawal. Not that I have the time, but when I lived in Santa Monica or in Venice with Panpan, I was always in the midst of some home improvement project - whether it was painting or (attempted) gardening, or other small DIY projects. This morning I saw this sofa on Miss Pixies' website (my favorite DC store with a very eclectic collection of repurposed/vintage finds) and was really wishing I could sweep it up and reupholster it. Then somehow magically bring it with me to a new apartment I will occupy post-grad school:

It's for sale for $300 which is a total steal, and would look amazing in the blue velvet I've been dreaming of. Ahh, someday...

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