Wood Inspired

My aunt Cheryl recently purchased a new house, and now that she has successfully replaced almost every light in it (chandeliers, sconces, you name it), she's eager to start planning the bigger projects - namely the bathroom renovations she wants to do (2 full baths + 1 powder room). After browsing with her yesterday at various home stores, killing time before we saw a movie, I decided to dub her style "Earthy Textural." She definitely resonates with warm wood tones, layering of different textures, maybe even a bit eclectic in taste (at least in my opinion). It should be fun designing these bathrooms with her, especially as she leans to the more traditional, and as most of you know, I grew up in the "big white box" as my brother used to call it. Although, Cheryl made me promise not to start working on it until I wrote my paper, so I guess I better get going. In the meantime, these images were inspiring the warm feeling I think we'll be heading in...

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