Fallingwater (for my mom)

I should be dashing off to school as stop/go for thesis is in 3 days (Agh!@##$%*&^), but yesterday I talked to my mom and she said she keeps looking here to make sure I'm still alive, and I haven't posted anything in a long time.  So, a little overdue, but here are a couple photos from my trip up to Fallingwater with my friend Ryan from a few weeks ago.  We picked the perfect Sunday morning to get up really early (like in the 5am hour), and drive up to Pennsylvania.  It was a gorgeous drive with all of the leaves changing, and it really made me think in another lifetime I'll be some great outdoorsy woodslady, or something like that...  We had one of the first tours of the day, then walked around for a while with my Hasselblad and eventually to some rapids nearby.  Unfortunately I got rear-ended in the parking lot, but even that couldn't ruin a perfect fall day to see some really inspiring architecture.  

Alright, now back to thesis...  I'll return in a few days, hopefully with the knowledge that I'm graduating in a month!

Fall Leaves
From the Entry Bridge
The Classic Shot - bummed mine is a little overexposed
Structual guidance from FLW for my thesis
Ryan's portrait of me - turned out much better than mine of him.