I ♥ Sarah Richardson

Okay, so most of you know I'm an HGTV addict. What can I say, I love me some home renovation shows. Well, as my roommates and family could attest to, I often times sit there criticizing what the designers did and how I would have done it differently. However, I am obsessed with Sarah Richardson. If only HGTV would air more of her - for some reason her Canadian show is not aired simultaneously here. So I've had to do some online digging to get my fill, and of course, it's only strengthened my addiction. Here's a glimpse of what she did recently for an Interior Design Show (I think it was in New York?).

Surprise, surprise, I love her blue room. Actually, I'm really liking the wall art - looks like a great DIY project.

Okay this one is for the Finland shout-out (the pillow is their flag)

And, of course, my close second favorite color is yellow, so I love this sunny bedroom. I also love the dress which I recognize from Anthro - great taste in clothing as well ;-).
All images from Sarah Richardson Design

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  1. You make me smile.
    These designs remind me of you and I love them! ;)