Missing Magazines

It's been another hectic week with school, and unfortunately, it looks like my weekend will be about the same. Although, plans to see Biutiful tonight with friends is motivating me to be productive today. Saturday mornings are my luxury, though. It has become ritual to lounge around in my pj's until a little too late, drink lots of coffee, and pour over some online inspiration. I miss the days of magazines though. I think now that Margaret Russell has gone over to Architectural Digest, it might be worth another look (I've read online the revamped mag is pretty good). Although, my morning's school project will probably fill the void - I am going to make "sensory boards" - the old way, too, by photocopying odds and ends and pinning them up, not designing a board in InDesign. The prospect of it makes me feel a little nostalgic for my Design360 days. But, I'm hoping like those boards, it inspires some thesis direction - because I feel a little lost right now.

My other quick note is that I've realized it's not the cold that bugs me here (it has actually not been that bad minus a little snow one night this week). It is the fact I don't get to see the sun as often as I should - you know, to get enough Vitamin D. Yesterday the sun peaked out for a while in the morning and it felt wonderful. Here's hoping a few more sun-drenched days are on their way, like this one below.

Image via At Home At Home.

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