A Cozy Saturday Morning

I woke up to my new neighbor Mike calling to invite me over for homemade banana-cornmeal pancakes. Not a bad way to start off the weekend. It's oddly cold yet raining here in DC today, so I settled in to a nice pair of sweats, have been perusing the blog world this morning over a pot of coffee, and am successfully ignoring the mountain of books I have sitting next to me. Thesis research awaits, I guess...

I stumbled upon Aaron Straup Cope's 20x200 images this morning, and what can I say, but love! He (at Stamen Design) has been working on an experimental map project. The prettymaps is code-named “Isola” after the Finnish textile designer Maija Isola - how appropriate for me to find something with a Finnish tie. Below is an image of Los Angeles, while NYC, Paris and San Francisco are also available from 20x200. And his interactive website is found here.

Guess I better start cracking open those books. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Lauren, Just spent the past half hour walking in your shoes. Fantastic! Great to see that your blog lives on... Best to you and the Catholic Crew!