Collecting Stories

This week has been crazy busy as we have a 50% Design Development presentation Monday for CBDS. Even though that's been taking up a lot of my physical time, my mind keeps wandering back to thesis. (As it should be, the 80% draft document is due shortly after spring break is over!) I sent out an unofficial survey to friends, classmates, and family asking about spaces that have made either a positive or negative impression on them. I do not want to publish any of the results yet, as I don't want to influence what others may still write, but I am really enjoying compiling the responses. Definitely varied but rich with detail and personal narrative. I feel with each response I read, I am invited to connect with the writer a little bit more. Thanks to all who have responded so far; I can't wait to read more.

Photo courtesy of Eric Warner (I'm hoping he doesn't mind).

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