First Time Lapse Test

I am so excited to post my first time lapse test my brother and dad helped me with over the weekend. We set up Eric's camera on the D Street steps in Encinitas, and with the help of the intervalometer I bought, it actually wasn't too difficult a process. So now I just have to pick out what shots of my site I want to take (which should be fun as I still am on the fence a bit about that) and get ready to sit on the beach for several hours. I can't wait to capture sunrise and sunset, too - well besides the getting up when it's still dark outside part. And when I'm done shooting the stills, I'm hoping to insert some surf video into the project as well - I have an ambitious week ahead of me, that's for sure!

Well, can't figure out how to upload to Blogger with higher resolution, so view it small and not full screen, but it gets the point across...

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