A little bit homesick

I've been back in DC for a week now, and I have to admit, I'm not getting settled too quickly or too easily. Part of it is the mountain of homework I already have piled up that makes necessary errands, like going grocery shopping, or even exercising (wait, let me reduce that even further - getting some daily fresh air) seem like indulgences. But, I'm determined to have a pseudo-normal life this semester unlike the summer - I just need to make some friends.

I spent Saturday morning trying to track down a specific binder type for school (who knew I was this finicky?), which lead me to Silver Spring, MD. I had to park several blocks away from the Office Depot because they had a whole street shut down. Well, of course I had to go see what it was due to, and low and behold, I came across a weekend Farmer's Market. I wandered aimlessly around it for a while, missing the Wednesday Santa Monica one Jodi and I used to go to on our lunch breaks at Design360, and later the weekend "sceney" version Sara and I would hit up on Main Street. Although, it also made me realize that there are some things here that overlap with my interests/old routines at home - I just need to seek them out and make time to do them. Hopefully then DC will start to feel more like home. In the meantime, I have my Dad's Facebook status to update me on what's going on in California - like the Street Fair in the Orange Circle this weekend - ahh, an oldie but a goodie.

Anyways, I'm probably being overly sensitive right now as I caught a nice hacking cough from someone at school and have spent most of the weekend trying to deny being sick so I can get my work done. With that, I'm definitely glad it happened to be a three-day weekend. Alright, back to the books for now...

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