Am I crazy or what?

I've had a nice, relaxing time while at home the last few weeks. And, while one of my New Year's resolutions is to make the best out of (seemingly) negative situations, I do have to point out the craziness of my life's change of scenery. I have given up this:
Sunset last night in Venice
For this:
Snowstorm I witnessed at the end of December in DC
I am definitely not mentally prepared to head back into cold weather. Although, if anything my decision to head back to DC has made me more appreciative of my California roots - which I am sure to my parents' utter happiness, I plan to return to when I finish school.

My other big resolution is to really try to strike a better balance between school and life (since I had none of the latter last semester), so stay tuned, I am finally going to start having some DC adventures to blog about - through the snow and all! Off to go enjoy my last few days in California!


  1. Oh I just love DC! One of my favorite cities....enjoy it!:)


  2. The snow photo is beautiful but I dont think I could bear for very long. I hope it gets warmer for you!