So I disappeared for a while. Not surprising as the end of the semester kicked my butt just a little bit, but my extended absence was also due to my being in Nepal for the last few weeks. I am slowly getting acclimated back in DC - although probably just for long enough to plan my summer in California. I may need to rethink my blog's title at some point...

Anyways, I am not going into the details of Nepal today. I am awaiting picking up my film this afternoon - almost 20 rolls shot on my Hasselblad - which I am so excited to pick up. Hopefully I was able to capture some of the extraordinary experience I had there. Very early on (when my roommate Carrie and I found out we had to share basically a twin bed for a week), we joked Nepal was going to be a "character-building" experience. Little did I know how that joke would translate into the summary of my trip. A small glimpse into a world so different than my own, shared with such generous people who lived so simply and yet so happily. It definitely left me reflecting on the way I live and what's important in my own life.

For now, here's a few images of the trip - Kathmandu, Namje-Thumki, and the site...

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