Bike Love

Alright, I've been neglectful (again), but for now, here's my latest obsession... I've been trying to decide what bike to get for DC. I am convinced while the weather is still nice, I'm going to bike as much as possible to school since I live about 5 minutes from campus (I just hope unlike my Georgetown years, I'll have better luck riding in DC this time around - I think my roommates ran over my bike at least twice in the driveway my senior year, as well as that same fall I actually got hit by a taxi driver while riding it to volleyball practice early one morning - luckily I had super-human reflexes and jumped off the bike as the front tire went under the cab...).

I think I've at least reached a DC/California compromise - I'm planning to get a cruiser with a few gears. So, my bike can still be cute and reflect my LA beach lifestyle (the all-important part) and yet practical - for the "hills" of DC I think I need gears for. Now, my only problem is that I've fallen in love with the Schwinn "Jenny" and I think I'm too tall for it. The boys' version is royal blue, which is okay, but I'm smitten with the yellow. I think I'm going to actually do some real research this week and get down to the bottom of it. But for now, my heart belongs to Jenny.

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