I survived!

I feel so neglectful, but I finally finished my summer class today, and have officially made it through boot camp. I don't think I have ever done anything in my life so intense - needing to not only put in ridiculous hours (way more than I ever did as an undergrad or working), but also to be constantly critically thinking, designing and problem solving - I cannot wait to just relax over the next few weeks - and catch up on a lot of sleep. Oh, and did I mention this will take place in California? That's right, as we speak, I've just finished packing my bags for three weeks at home with nothing to do but enjoy the California weather, spend time with friends and family, and catch up on having a life - so excited!

I'll be back to writing this blog more frequently, and will probably post a few things about school, but for now here are a few pictures...

Pinning up on the "wailing wall" - my project is the closest to the camera - I was the last presentation of the day, and later asked to have my project displayed for the fall semester (one of 4 students), pretty rewarding after so much work.
The aftermath of studio after finishing our final projects...

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  1. thats a great reward just relax
    Im doing the same thing after taking a very intense school year

    Enjoy cali its beautiful