I'm so tired

Here's the thing about my class - it's 6 credits in four weeks, which is crazy when you think about it. Even the science classes I took in college that met almost daily spread out over a semester were only 5 credits. What I'm realizing is that the duration of the class (which we're lacking) is made up for by the length of time daily I need to be putting in, hence my permanent state of exhaustion.

We were given a new project this week, this time working with a given concept - mine is "extension". Using a similar volume from last week, we needed to articulate our concept using a series of planes, posts, and cubes. (I realize this doesn't mean much - I'll try to post some pictures soon.) Anyways, the turn-around time, like I alluded to, is insane. I had to have a plan, section, and model done between yesterday and today. And, after having a mini-review today, a new set of criteria was thrown at us: now take your design and discuss it experientially - as though a person was entering, traveling and arriving at a destination within your space. That forced me to make a lot of changes to my original model, and I'll be staying up in the wee hours tomorrow night to get it finished for judges' panel (explaining my "early" night tonight...).

Last Friday we had our first judges' panel to critique our work, but it was other graduate students who are further along in the program, so it wasn't terribly intimidating. This week, however, is our "midterm review", and we have to present our project to a panel of 4 critics, all of whom are professors at CUA. Should be fun...

So for now I guess my blog's title is a little misleading - I don't know how many "adventures in DC" I'll be having - well at least not outside of the Crough building. Every other grad student I've talked to says this phase passes, though, so I think I just need to get through the next two and a half weeks. Hopefully then I can start experiencing my new home town!

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