Getting Settled

Well, true to myself, I'm already making Home Depot my second home. When I decided to move in with Eddie, I knew I'd want to paint my room to make it more "me" - and I'm having to work with maroon-colored carpeting. First step was to paint the room white, which is why first thing yesterday morning, I was getting my gallon of white paint as well as a few other samples for the accent wall I want to do. Let's just say, I've never painted any room that has soaked up so much paint. I ran out of my first gallon after painting just a wall and a half... So yesterday turned into marathon painting day, and I only got three walls painted white. Not too climactic.

I did take a mini-break to go get a mattress though (since I'm now on the floor on a blow-up mattress that does not like to stay inflated). Unlike my last scar-inducing mattress buying experience, I think I'm going to really like this one. But with the 4th of July sales, they won't have it in stock to deliver until Sunday, so it's a week of the floor for me. I guess the plus side is that if I exhaust myself so much, like I did yesterday, I'll be able to sleep well regardless of comfort ;).

So, I'm just now getting ready to start day 2 of painting. I'm going back to Home Depot after deciding on my accent color (I swear they're going to know me by the end of this week - Elliot has already asked me when I'm doing the bathroom). Hopefully this won't take me all day though, as I want to start getting some furniture - like a dresser so I can stop living out of my duffle bag. If all goes well, I hope to post some pictures soon of my bedroom before and after!

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  1. Yea Lauren! I can't wait to see what wonderful artful walls yours will become. Glad you are safe and sound in DC and getting to exercise your creativity on your room.