Happy 4th of July

I finally made it to DC Friday night - just in time to celebrate the 4th of July. Eddie, his girlfriend Lindsay, and I ran a bunch of pre-barbeque errands Friday night and most of Saturday morning in preparation for his big BBQ. We probably had 20-30 people come, and I had a great time meeting a lot of Eddie and Elliot's (Eddie's other roommate) friends.

Today was a lazy day after a long day of celebrating - we all sat around this morning consumed by the Wimbledon finals. I finally motivated enough to run a few errands, but I didn't get much done for my room - so another night on the blow-up mattress. Hopefully, beginning tomorrow I'll start getting things purchased/organized so I can feel more settled - right now the entire contents of my car are in a heap on my bedroom floor, and it's driving me crazy.

Some of the late night barbeque crew.

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