Bedroom Teaser

Since my dad sent out a family email today saying I was going to show pictures of my room at Eddie's house, I slightly felt obligated to show something - but my room is currently a disaster of boxes everywhere, paint cans piled up, and clothes waiting to be hung in my closet (on tomorrow's "to do" list is installing a closet organizer). So instead, I'm going to tease everyone with a little concept board I whipped up, which looks much prettier than my actual room right now...

1. This is the accent wall I've been working on all day. I really liked this wallpaper, but it's something like $200 for a 24" x 36" sheet, and I obviously don't have the budget for that. So, I decided it would be easy to just hand paint. Little did I know... but after literally painting all day today, I'm at the home stretch.

2. My bed is finally arriving tomorrow! I am so excited to not have to sleep on the floor any longer. As of now, I don't have a headboard, but I'm thinking of something like this one.

3. I'm also internet-shopping for a small area rug. Not a necessary item, but I have a feeling I'm still going to want to cover up some of the carpet I'm working with (see item 7).

4. Now these bulls-eye mirrors I'm excited about - they were my souvenir from Savannah from an awesome store called One Fish, Two Fish. Now I just have to find a way to hang them since my walls are virtually concrete blocks.

5. Gotta love IKEA for the necessary-but-don't-want-to-spend-a-lot-of-money items. This dresser came with 40 steps of instructions and took me 3 hours to put together, but it's doing its job.

6. One of my inspiration images for the room - I knew I could make the red (well maroon) and turquoise look good together.

7. My lovely carpet. I'm actually proud that instead of ignoring it, I'm working with it - definitely was challenging for me. Eddie's whole house is carpeted in this lovely shade - he tells me he didn't want to be boring...

8. Still left to buy is a nightstand, although, I'm actually thinking I'll put my desk beside my bed and use it for both. And this lovely lamp is hopefully on-route soon from my mom.

So there you have it. I am planning to get a lot done tomorrow as school starts Monday morning, bright and early at 9am, and I'm assuming I'm going to have no desire to be taking on added projects.

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  1. You are WAY TOO CUTE! I love this! It's going to look fantastic! You are so creative! ;)