First Week of "Boot Camp"

This is going to be very brief - I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up this blog the next few weeks, but I sure will try! I'm just getting home around 4 am after finishing a model of a cube that is formed by manipulating positive and negative crate systems (don't ask...) along with drafting a plan and sections of my cube. It was challenging to say the least - and the second time this week I've had to stay up past 3 - which scarily I think I'm going to need to get used to. Thank goodness Eddie's house is so close to school and I have a car. Several of my classmates are commuting over a half hour to school and can only use the metro (which means in addition to their commute, to catch the last train home they have to leave studio before midnight and then catch a train back in starting around 5 if they need more time to work on stuff).

But my project is done, we are watching a film tomorrow morning, and my cool Friday night plans are going to be to get into bed around 8 (if I can stay up that late!) - one week down, 3 more to go...

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