Projects Underway...

And I'm not referring to school!  I have a laundry list of things I'd like to do for my room at Eddie's (and a few things for our house in general), so I'm hoping by committing them here I'll actually get some of them accomplished in the next few weeks.  

First thing on the list that I did this weekend:  paint my closet doors. Not terribly exciting, but I needed to since last summer and I finally got around to it.  Just white, semi-gloss, clean.  The painting in my room is finally complete.  I want to use a leftover piece of watercolor paper I have from last semester and paint something for above my dresser, and make a shadow-box type frame for it.  Additionally, I'm going to make some planter boxes for our backyard to hopefully grow some plants/herbs and soften up all the hardscape (alright, let's be honest, hide the chain link fence), and finally a shelf for my desk.  Since I have to work in the wood shop for 10 hours a week, I really feel like I have no excuses to not get these things done.  So, stay tuned for pics - as I move down the list, I'll be sure to post my progress!

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