Hotel Update

As most of you know, before starting graduate school at Catholic, I worked for Design360 Unlimited in Los Angeles for a few years.  Most of my time there was spent working on the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, a new hotel in the artist town of San Miguel, located north of Mexico City.  After putting so much time into this project, I can honestly say I'm still disappointed knowing I was not able to be there to see this project through construction (although crazy how fast time flies, I'm half-way done with my masters degree and the hotel still is not finished).  Along with the help of other D360 staff, I put together the entire (interior) construction document package for the hotel - from guestrooms to public areas.  I was really excited when I discovered Rosewood posted photographs from the model room on their website - it looks really incredible.  I cannot wait to see the public areas unfold.  I know when the hotel is finished (2011?), I'll be making a trip down to San Miguel - the project still holds a really special place in my heart.

All photos from http://rosewoodsanmiguel.com/en/gallery.cfm.  Hopefully I won't get into trouble for posting them!  Kristin Korven from Design360 is responsible for all FF&E.

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