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I'm going to admit I just started my first self-help book. Gulp. Well, not sure if it exactly qualifies, but I'm reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project. I think I am okay with it as A. it is/was a #1 New York Times Best Seller and B. my mom had bought it, so it was just lying around the house, waiting to be read. Regardless, I just started - 12 month-long projects the author devotes to different categories trying to boost her happiness.

January was all about having more energy, and one of the items that resonated with me was the idea to unclutter your life - both visual clutter and mental clutter. While I'll spare the details of the latter (and maintain some privacy), I really liked the idea of being more organized. Not leaving things around with the idea "I'll do it later." Not that I could qualify for Hoarders or anything, but I do admit to having a lot of stuff. I'm my mother's daughter, what can I say? And even though my flip-flopping coasts has made me pair down in many ways, I'm still thinking I could go through my stuff - both in California and DC - and figure out what I really need to hold on to.

With that said, I found this art project which I found inspiring for my goal to pair down, declutter, and organize my life. What would I keep if this camper was all the space I had for my worldly possessions? Not that I'll be that successful (or extreme), but it gets me thinking about what is essential and what is superfluous. Or if I did buy something new, I'd have to give up something old. Off to my closet...

Camper Bike art project found here

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