New Neighborhood

I flew back in to DC yesterday and spent the night at my new place (well, Eric's place, but mine for the next few months). I was welcomed by his two cats, Zoe and Ibi, unpacked my bags, and then realized I had no clue what to do about dinner as I'm now in an entirely new neighborhood of DC (for reference, the green pin is Eddie's house, red is CUA, and the purple one is where I'll be through April). So yes, almost the complete opposite side of the city, and I must admit, I still don't know my way around Eddie's as much as I should. So, in the next few days, in addition to starting to pack/move across town, I'm hoping to wander through my new neighborhood a bit. I do know I'm really close to the Fish Market that's on the waterfront, so it looks like it will be a winter/spring of learning to cook some deliciously fresh seafood. Stay tuned.

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