Ready, Set, Go

This post is mostly for myself. I've maybe been enjoying being a total lazy bum a bit too much. I.e. staying in some version of sweats or pj's, drinking coffee for far too long (wish mine were as cute as hers). The weather hasn't helped much - it's been cold and rainy/snowy off and on for the last week. But I need to realize we have a while longer of that, so it's not really an excuse (although not seeing the sun for the entire day is seriously depressing, I don't know how the Pacific Northwest does it).

And this is especially fitting for me - at least until I learn how to profit from doing it...

I haven't been entirely terrible. I did go on an interview last week, saw the Crough renovation presentations, even have been working out daily. But, today starts a side job a few other students and I are doing, and in February I'm going to start working on a competition for a new library in Helsinki (oh to go back!!), but that means things are going to start getting busy, and I need to make sure my own stuff is in order (hello portfolio) so that I can start making some life plans. 

And on that note, I'm off to run at the Mall (U.S, not shopping), as I think today's the last rain-free day we'll have in DC for a while. Then heading up to Georgetown later to start measuring a house. 

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