I may have met The One

I have been in love for far too long with a chandelier that is way out of my league. Alas, $5,800 for an Emil Stejnar chandelier does not fit into my grad school budget. Ah, but a girl can dream...

So for now, the closest thing I could find in my price range (i.e. ridiculously cheap) was the Maskros pendant from IKEA, problem was it was like 30" in diameter and way too big for my bedroom:

(Yeah some people for scale would have helped, but trust me it is huge in person.)

So imagine my surprise when I was searching online (thanks to my Aunt Cheryl who is hunting for lighting for her new house and now has me addicted, too), and saw that new for 2011 is a smaller version of the Maskros! It is still a little big (almost 20"), but I think it just might work. And hey, it's $5750 less than the Emil Stejnar one - what a steal! Now I just need to drop by IKEA in all my free time and find a way to install it.

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