Inlay Inspiration

As I begin a new semester working in the wood shop, I've basically been told I need to learn to use the CNC machine at our school (will probably be a good idea when thesis rolls around, so I'm not complaining). I think I'm going to make a coffee table for the house, since our living room is currently the land of college furniture. I think the shape is going to be pretty simple, but I was thinking I'd use the CNC for the top - to inlay a pattern or design in it. Right now I'm thinking a combination of Walnut and plywood, but I'm also whirling around a bunch of different ideas for what I'd want the inlay pattern to be. I'm really digging all of these guys below...
All images from Iannone Design, a company that uses all reclaimed, sustainable or FSC wood - amazing pieces that are eco-friendly too.

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