Before I turn into a Pumpkin

I thought I was going to be able to squeeze in this post before midnight, so as not to technically have missed the day, but alas, it was one of those days... I took a really nice long walk around the tidal basin and mall this morning - it was the first day I didn't feel too sick and I wanted to enjoy the weather (I had great timing too as it rained all afternoon and night). Then I spent the afternoon at CUA on a jury for a sophomore class - one of my previous teachers asked me to be a part of. To be honest, the thought of being an architecture critic made me really nervous - what if I said the wrong thing/gave the wrong advice? But as each student presented, I found myself feeling more and more comfortable, and by the end of the presentations, I realized I really enjoyed being a part of it. Gasp, does that mean I'd enjoy teaching? Not that I'm planning to go on yet another career path, but still. I'm hoping/thinking I'll get asked to return for the final presentation of the project as well - which will be interesting to see how the projects develop. It was a tough assignment too - mostly abstract, but trying to create space through diagramming different kinds of music. I think I would have failed miserably as my knowledge of music is pretty non-existent. But part of me thought, man, I miss those totally conceptual early projects we did at the start of grad school. 

Anyways, I jetted from there to a birthday meet up for a volleyball teammate of mine - well the first night in her weekend celebration. It was pretty laid back but I ended up staying out way later than I thought I would. Partly because I was enjoying talking to Brian so much about why California is so much better than DC all night (he's a Manhattan Beach native). Good times, but man, I'm exhausted! 

Off to bed after having my late night fruit snack ;-) (today's challenge word if it wasn't obvious).

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