How Time Flies

I drove out to Ashburn to see my Aunt Cheryl today. We had a nice lunch together, and then we "got down to business" discussing plans for remodeling the bathrooms in her house. We've been vaguely talking about this for a while now, but it wasn't until tonight when I went to look back over what we had started that I realized just how long we've been "talking" about this project. In fact, I posted about it almost a year ago today! Sometimes I don't recognize how everything really was put on hold while I was in school. But I'm excited to get back into this project with her while I'm still on the East Coast. And Cheryl doesn't really have any specific ideas for the bathrooms as far as colors or finishes, so I think over the next few days I'm going to put together some idea boards for her with different looks. Just the thought of doing a real project - even if small - is pretty exciting. I have missed this stuff a ton.

Anyways, I thought today's challenge of bedside was pretty appropriate. Just crawled into bed with a pile of magazines to start looking for inspiration!

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