Sweet Indulgence

I just got home from an amazing dinner with Robin. She's moving this weekend back to Texas so we thought it would be best to have our "last supper" at a place we had always wanted to try: Coco Sala. Which worked out perfectly as today's word is fork (I will also add my Internet has been out basically since Friday hence me being MIA- I'm writing this post from my phone and I'm already getting annoyed correcting my typos). So I'm going to keep this post short and sweet (yes pun intended). Robin and I both love chocolate so we had pretty high expectations, but they were definitely fulfilled and then some. We started the night with cocktails - she ordered a malted chocolate martini while I ordered a coco-jito (chocolate mojito), both were delicious. We split a few savory starters to save room for dessert - tomato and buratta salad and bacon mac and cheese (with a piece of chocolate covered bacon on top!) - the later actually ended up being my favorite dish of the meal. But yes onto dessert. We split the trio of hot chocolates as Robin had heard the peanut butter hot coco was great - I think it had been written up about in the Washington Post? It basically tasted like someone melted real peanut butter into hot chocolate - amazing! But somehow the salted caramel (with marshmallow topping) one topped it. Then we split a sticky toffee pudding concoction with ginger ice cream. The ice cream was crazy good. I kept saying it could have been a topping for sushi (like how Chef Elizabeth Falkner made ice cream for savory dishes on The Next Iron Chef). Oh, and we ordered a chocolate mouse with a salty caramel filling that was delicious. I can't remember ever eating that much dessert in my life but well worth the splurge. Luckily we walked the two miles back to my house, and I take after my dad in being a human garbage disposal ;-). Such a great meal with such a great friend. I keep thinking how much I'll miss Robin, but once I move back to California, she'll actually be much closer to me in Texas so I guess I can't complain...

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