Even though I'm not working full time, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up on here. Yesterday was Kacy's birthday, and we spent most of the day working in the wood shop at CUA trying to get her thesis model finished. It's spring break this week, so it was so nice having the building virtually empty (and the shop to ourselves). Here's yesterday's something you wore. I feel like I'm the poster-child for a California native in this pic - Tom's, blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a hoodie.  I have a nice layer of sawdust appearing on my shoes as well. I think someday I'm going to have to have a mini-shop in my garage (you know, when I have a house with a garage when I'm like 65). It's been pretty cool learning how to use all of the machines over the last few years, so I think I'm going to need to have a jointer, planer, table and chop saws at some point...

I was back at Travis's office today working on the Helsinki competition, and captured this window from D&D - somehow I find myself in there almost every Tuesday/Thursday. I figured it was a pretty nice one, though. And a much needed coffee escape as well.

Now I'm just waiting for the arrival of my friend Sean who's staying over tonight for a job interview he has in the morning (pretty nice that I have an extra bedroom here). It will be nice to catch up with him and just relax for a bit. Tomorrow morning I'm off to get my hair cut, then finally planning to get back to my portfolio in the afternoon. 'Til tomorrow!

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