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Wow it's been a long day.  I successfully got up with Robin at 5:30 to do her Crossfit workout.  It was tough but good, and I have to say, there's something to be said for being done exercising for the day at 7 am.  Reminded me of those good old Georgetown Volleyball days...

I was on my own this morning as Robin had to work, so I once again gathered up my list of places to check out and headed to the first one.  Kuhl-Linscomb has to be the most amazing home furnishing store I have ever seen, and that's probably an understatement.  The store actually is comprised of 5 buildings, ranging from note cards and shampoo, to Minotti and Zanotta furniture, to luxurious bed linens, kitchen ware, and even kitchen cabinetry.  I would definitely say anyone going to Houston who likes home design would appreciate this store.  

I have realized with this cross-country trip that I can be anyone I want - since no one knows me on my stops, I don't have to fall into my same habits from home - like being painfully shy with strangers.  Nope, the "Houston Lauren" was all talk today, as I struck up a conversation with Andre, who works at Kuhl-Linscomb (mom and dad, I was actually asking about an AMAZING outdoor dining table for you - I'll send pics).  We ended up talking for over an hour about design, traveling, and what I have to see in Houston - which was great getting tips from a local.  I think I like this new version of myself and may try it out for a bit - it seems like most people are very interested to learn all about you when you start off by telling them you're driving cross-country by yourself for three weeks...

Anyways, I literally spent all morning there, and just made two other quick stops before meeting Robin for a late lunch.  The next stop was The Guild Shop, which is a consignment store I had read about.  Mostly they had a lot of junk, but I fell in love with a painting that was about 5' square, and stood debating how I was going to get it shipped to D.C. until I looked at the price tag - $1200.  Is that crazy or what?!  At a consignment store?  I guess my photo of it will have to do until I can con my dad into painting it for me. (a few years ago I loved this painting in Carmel at a gallery that my dad said he'd consider getting for me for my birthday until he realized it cost $50,000, so he took a picture of it and about 6 months later gave me his version.  A great way to get affordable art if you have someone to make it for you!)

My next stop was seemingly unsuccessful, as the store I had hoped to visit had gone out of business since my list's creation.  However, the Archway Gallery next door had a great collection of art, that was pretty affordable (especially after seeing how ridiculous the consignment piece was).  I enjoyed browsing the gallery and really liked a diptych by Bede Van Dyke.  

After my morning stint, I met Robin for lunch at Ruggles, before heading over to Rice Village to peruse the shops (and get into some air conditioning).  We had a great time shopping and just hanging out - needed to make up for way too much lost time.  We also ate out tonight at The Raven Grill.  My dinner was delicious - Dave and I split an appetizer of brie baked in Filo (how could we go wrong there?), followed by an entree of dijon glazed trout served with wilted spinach and pecan salad and lentils.  I am sure I'm going to have gained 10 pounds by the time my trip is over, but I am greatly enjoying tasting all of the local fare.

Last night's dinner that Robin made - I did help chop a lot of those ingredients.

My favorite thing at Kuhl-Linscomb - pillows by Catstudio - appropriate for my new home town (and shout out to the Hoyas).

"My" painting on the right - love the bright green, love the girl, don't love the price. :-(

Also had to sneak in a photo of the paintings I liked from the Archway Gallery.

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