Sedona Day 2

Today was a beautiful day in Sedona.  I had wanted to stop here on my trip as I remembered liking it when I came here with my family when I was younger, but really seeing it today felt like the first time - which I'm sure my mom will kill me for, as she says I have the worst memory of my childhood...  Got up early to do a hike before the heat set in, and  ended up getting a little bit lost - wandering about 8 miles - but it was well worth it.  I kept closing my eyes, taking in the smell - it definitely brought back memories of Camp Bluff (the YMCA camp I went to in Big Bear between the ages of  12  and 19).  

Now, as much as the rocks are amazing, the town of Sedona could use a little help...  Hot pink Jeep tours are "the thing" - I have no idea why.  And the stores - well, I take that back, Chico's-wearing women would probably be in heaven, just not my thing.  I did see some cool art here and there, but I think one full day "in town" is plenty.  Tomorrow's drive is about 6 hours to Santa Fe, which I am really excited about - I have been interested in going the last year, so I'm sure I'll be posting lots of stuff.  

Had to include the volleyball court...

Slide Rock National Park

I loved this house up on the hill - built right into the side of the rocks - Howard Roark would definitely approve.

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