I heart Santa Fe

I've been dreaming of going to Santa Fe for a while now, and I can honestly say it is living up to my expectations.  This town is so cute!  I arrived last night, and early on stumbled upon a town festival that included live music, local food, jewelry vendors and tarot readings.  After that, margaritas at La Fonda, which is the oldest hotel in the United States.  The margarita legacy draws a crowd, and last night was no exception as a band trio played music for a local group of dancers (okay, it was country music which I hate, and I was by far the youngest person there by about 3 decades, but it was nice to see the old folk having such a good time...).

Speaking of old, I did feel like I got a (probably much-needed) history lesson today.  Who knew Santa Fe was the second oldest city in the U.S?  They not only have the oldest hotel in the country, but also the oldest church (San Miguel), the oldest public building (Palace of the Governors) and the oldest house.  Spain conquered New Mexico and set Santa Fe as the capital in 1609, and a lot of the buildings date back to that time.  

In addition to the buildings/art I have enjoyed some delicious food.  This morning I had breakfast at Tia Sophia's, which is a local hangout (and of course I felt so cool having read about it beforehand).  My breakfast burrito was about the size of my head (and Santa Fe claims to have invented this amazing concoction as well).  And tonight, I ate at The Shed, having really great, although excruciatingly spicy, fish tacos and tasted their local brew - Santa Fe Pale Ale (Karen, aren't you proud!?).  

Tomorrow's plan is to head to Canyon Road, which boasts 120 galleries - should be fun.  And, I was thinking about buying a pair of cowboy boots, you know, to wear ironically, but when I went to Back at the Ranch this afternoon (which advertises as having the largest selection of custom boots), I discovered the pair I liked cost $1600 - what?!  So yeah, maybe I'll be buying a cowboy boot keychain instead.

Statue of St. Francis with the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum in the background (which is unfortunately closed until the end of the month).

San Miguel Chapel - oldest church in the country.

La Fonda

A glimpse of the local art - more to come tomorrow.

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  1. I love that you tried the local beer! If there's one thing you learned from me... :) Beautiful pictures too. I didn't know you were such a great photographer!