Thunder and Lightning and Rain - Oh My!

Today was a REALLY long day.  I had it in my head to get as far as possible, so I could have a short(er) drive tomorrow to Savannah.  Well, I left Houston before 9 am, and only arrived in Tallahassee a little before 9 pm, stopping only to refuel and get lunch.  I think I caught the same lightning/thunderstorm in each of the 5 states I drove through today while I headed East: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  I had to drive like a little old lady because I have never seen such a bad downpour, let alone driven in one.  Lighting was literally hitting all around me as I drove on the 10 East - totally scary and intimidating for a So Cal native. 

I am going to go look up Savannah's weather now, but I sure hope the storm doesn't follow me there - it really doesn't make for good sight-seeing!

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  1. a car is one of the safest places to be in a lightning storm Lauren, plus you should be shooting photos of the weather, lets see more photos!