Last Night in Cali

After spending the last 8 months of my life obsessively following way more design blogs than I'd like to admit, I am using my cross-country trip as the jump-start (and testing grounds?) for one of my own.  

I still can't believe I threw a graduate school application together in so short a time (I probably shouldn't acknowledge that, should I?), and then, against all odds, got in to CUA in DC.  I can honestly say I am so excited to return to this city - after spending over a week there for the inauguration, I felt like I barely glimpsed the city's reach in my four years at Georgetown.  And, the icing on the cake is that I'm moving in with one of my life-long friends whom I have missed since my return to California.  Eddie and I have already discussed our plans to have Sunday family dinners in effect upon my arrival.   

But as much as I am filled with excitement about school and DC, I can't help but think of everything I'm leaving here in Southern California.  I know I will greatly miss my family (although, I am sure they will find some excuse to visit me back East), and also some truly amazing friends that I have made while in LA.  Most I hope will visit, but I know I will take a part of each of them with me - for they have definitely made an impact on the person I am today (man, is this cheesy or what?  I definitely do not claim to be a good writer).  

So, with that, I end my run in California.  Tomorrow starts my big drive - first stop Sedona, Az.  I just have to throw everything in my car in the morning, and I'll be taking the Santa Monica Beach with me, thanks to Jodi.  

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  1. It's like your going Into the Wild or something...Eric