Lubbock, Tx (aka middle of nowhere)

I met a couple from Austin the other night in Santa Fe, and they told me the perfect half-way point between the two cities was Lubbock, Tx.  Since I had originally planned to stop in Las Cruces which meant a grueling second-day drive to Austin, I decided to follow their suggestion.  Little did I know...first of all, the drive is pretty desolate scenery-wise.  There was a stretch of about 50 miles today in which I did not see a single other car headed in my direction - I should have realized this is because no one goes to Lubbock.  When I arrived, I drove around the "city" for over 30 minutes, trying to figure out exactly where the city was.  I think the biggest landmark here is Walmart, although, supposedly Buddy Holly is from here?  Anyways, it was a long boring drive but I made it.  I am sure I'll be on the road bright and early tomorrow morning heading for Austin.  Now my only other question is - when does it get dark in Texas?  It's after 9 right now, and the sun's still setting...

The lone drive through New Mexico

Another from the car - this is how I kept myself entertained...

This is awaiting a very long train to pass on the state line.  Couldn't help but snap a picture of this sticker, "There are two types of people: those who are Texan, and those who wish they were..."  

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