Today has been such a dreary day. And I thought I was just going to hibernate until the snow came, but around 11 am this morning, I realized I didn't want to let the weather dictate my mood. Several hundred layers later, I braved the cold to Utrecht to get some new art supplies. It actually felt like a typical Saturday, as I spent way too many mornings there in school. However, it was fun to wander the aisles rather aimlessly, letting the various mediums spark ideas for different projects.

I've been pinning a bunch of patterned drawings on Pinterest the last few weeks, and it has definitely inspired me to start some pattern explorations of my own. And for the first time I think ever, I basically just went around grabbing various colored pens and pencils that I liked. Bright turquoise, kelly green, yellow, magenta, some metallics and a new Micron set thrown in for good measure. Definitely the anti-gray palette to combat the outdoor gloom. Pretty excited to start exploring. So for today, my favorite is color! :-)

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