Photo Challenge

To be honest, I go back and forth between continuing to write here and stopping. I guess really I post on this blog for myself (and so my family knows I'm still alive if we haven't spoken in a while), but sometimes when I'm absent for a while it's because I'm thinking, what's going on in my life that warrants writing about? I'm back in DC now for the next few months, with the most low-key schedule I've had in years. And while I am sure I should relish in it, or at least do the personal projects I've basically had on hold all through grad school, often I find myself sitting around, and twiddling my thumbs, so to speak.  But my month of leisure is over (well, officially almost a week ago now), so I thought I'd not only start making a dent in my portfolio and thesis paper, but really try to have a consistent presence here as well, and see how it goes. So yesterday I found this challenge online:

Challenge created/found here.

So January is over, and technically there's a new photo challenge for February that I'm 5 days behind on, but I thought, hey, why not? Let's see how 31 days of pictures and posting go. So without further ado, here's number 1:

Last Monday I went over to my amazing hair dresser Ramon's house for some hair lessons. Because let's face it, I basically wear my hair in a ponytail or if I'm feeling motivated (or it's really cold outside and I want to warm up), I'll take the time to blow it out (and then put it up in a ponytail later in the day ;-)). Anyways, we did a bunch of stuff together - and here is one of my favorites - a bun made from a fishtail braid. I also learned that after probably 20+ years of doing my own hair, I've used bobby pins wrong my whole life - which is crazy considering I danced for so long and a bun was a staple in my hair repertoire.

The best part was that I was inspired all week to try new things - or at least a new thing - I've been sporting a messy fishtail a few times this week - and guess what - it's kind of fun trying something different and new. Day one down, thirty more to go!


  1. I saw this on Pinterest and it's absolutely stunning! I've been trying all day to figure out how to do it, please give me a clue!

  2. My hair was in a low ponytail (with rubberband to secure it), and then fishtail braided and secured with one of those invisible elastics. Pretty much after that, the braid was just wrapped into a bun, tucking in the end and securing with pins. I would say make sure the braid is gently pulled to loosen - it made for a nice full bun. Hope this helps!