Happy Friday

Somehow this week flew by - I can't believe it's Friday. As the library competition starts revving up, my other "side job" is going to be coming to a close soon. Greg, Mary, and I have been creating a set of as-builts for a house in Glover Park for an architect here in DC. Today was (I think/I hope!) our last day of measuring. And of course we left the exterior for the end - now that it's nice and freezing outside (on a side note, it better snow this weekend because it is wrong for it to be THIS cold without anything pretty to come of it).

So this picture represents my photo a day challenge: makes you smile. Because somehow we always manage to have a really good time. Basically they tease me relentlessly while I think I provide some much needed entertainment. It works. I've enjoyed our Wednesday/Friday work + lunch outings we've had for the last few weeks.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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