I'm still trying to hammer out my morning breakfast/workout routine. My mornings are now like this: cats wake me up by 7-7:30, I zombie-like walk downstairs, give them breakfast, and stand with my eyes half-closed until the coffee's finished. Then with my first giant cup, I head upstairs to browse the world of the internet. And probably go back downstairs and get a refill (or two). Hmm, may need teeth-whitening soon. Anyways, I'm definitely a breakfast eater but I'm also not an able-to-work-out-anytime-close-to-after-I-ate-something type of person. Which is a tricky thing for this gal since I pretty much have to exercise in the morning if it's going to happen at all. So my daily dilemma: work out before or after breakfast? Basically 10 minutes after my first cup of coffee, I'm so ravenous the idea of working out on an empty stomach seems impossible. So instead I have some coffee, then breakfast, then sit around waiting to be "ready" to work out. It seems like I waste a lot of my morning. Oh well, I guess if this is my biggest problem, it's not the end of the world. Anyone else master the breakfast/workout situation?

This wandering of course is because of the daily challenge. And, I'm proud to acknowledge that this really is my usual breakfast - so not trying to just put up a pretty/healthy picture. Anyways, the timing of today's challenge was also perfect for me - as I actually feel like I have a lot to get done and can't be lollygagging (don't you just love that word?) on my computer all day - well at least not on the internet, I have a portfolio to work on.

So with breakfast down, hopefully I'm off to work out in the next half hour or so. Have a great day!

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