The challenge today is "daily routine." For someone who right now in her life doesn't feel like she has a routine or schedule at all (and yes it is kind of freaking out this Type-A), is there much I do every day besides the mundane/necessary (brush teeth, shower, eat, etc)?

Well, I will admit one thing I like about post-school life. I have returned to my old habit of getting up, making a pot of coffee, and spending some time trolling my favorite design blogs. The first week of being back in DC this habit may have become a little excessive (11 am still in pj's...), but I've scaled back to a "normal" amount now.  And I'll admit it starts my day off on the right foot - a little inspiration and motivation to get my creative juices flowing.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that your case of the Mondays isn't too bad!

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