Carousel Rides

I was struggling to think of how I'd capture today's challenge of childhood, but this morning when I went for a run on the Mall, I realized I could shoot the carousel near the Hirshorn. Of course on a school day in the dead of winter, it was abandoned, but I've walked by this carousel several times over my years in DC, and it still has quite the draw in warmer seasons. 

There is a nostalgia I feel when thinking about a carousel - which is funny, because to be honest, I can't really remember going on carousels as a kid (I'm sure my mom is going to send me an email telling me what a horrible memory I have as we went on carousel rides in X, Y, and Z places...).  Regardless, it seems like such an adventure as a kid: you get to ride a horse! It goes around in circles! Somehow each time you go around and spot someone waiting for you it's a surprise! 

Maybe it's nostalgia for a simpler time. To not have the complications of life that seem to grow exponentially as we age. To only exist in the moment on that ride. Everything else falling outside the boundary of the merry-go-round, blurred and inconsequential. 

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