Rainy Day in Georgetown

Since beginning the Helsinki Library competition, I've been spending Tuesdays and Thursdays in Georgetown as Travis's office is on 33rd Street, just north of the canal. It's funny being back in the area again - in some ways I feel like no time has passed (how is it that next year will be my 10-year college reunion?). At the same time, not only Georgetown's campus, but also much of M Street has changed over the years (like the permanent line outside Georgetown Cupcakes), so it does feel different from my undergraduate days. 

After we wrapped up our meeting for the day, I found myself wandering toward Dean and Deluca, which hasn't changed a bit since school. I have pretty strong connections to the place. Firstly, because most of my girlfriends and I were obsessed with Felicity when we were in college. Junior year we'd have people over every Tuesday night to watch the show (actually, the swim team - mostly the guys believe it or not - would come over to watch Dawson's and the girls would have to kick them out promptly afterwards so we could swoon over Scott Speedman and Scott Foley). I thought it would be so cool to work there at some point since Felicity herself did. But my other connection to D & D was because that's where Anna Kleinsorge and I would go on a regular basis. I don't think either of us ever drank straight coffee in college, but we did love to go there for Vanilla Frappes - basically it was the most amazing blended coffee-ish drink that I'm pretty sure predated any Frappuccino from Starbucks. When it was warm we'd sit in their cafe area for girl talk and people watching (when we weren't busy studying of course).

Tonight I grabbed a coffee to go, and just as the sun was setting walked along the canal for a bit before heading back to Southwest. It had rained most of the day, but wasn't that cold, so it was nice spending some time outdoors without freezing. I also managed to capture my challenge of the day: this close-up of a few flowers I found springing up near the canal. Maybe it's a sign that winter really is almost over? I could definitely use some more color in my days here in DC right now!

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