Book + Bag

Oops I was delinquent again yesterday - that's what happens when you actually have to work, I guess. Greg and I spent most of the day in AutoCAD land, and although I thought we'd finish our project, we still have more to do - hopefully early next week - I need my Wednesdays/Fridays back so I can portfolio it up (I have now given myself a February 29th deadline, and I'm like oh sh*t, that's soon!).

It's been a lazy Saturday morning, which I feel was much needed. Eddie and I are off to the gym later today and then I have to come up with something to make for a pot-luck tonight - should be interesting as I don't cook much, and my resources at the house I'm in are limited (was thinking of making a giant salad, but I don't even think there's a giant bowl here).

Yesterday's challenge was In Your Bag. When I dumped the contents of my purse out on the table, I realized two things. One, I apparently never throw away receipts and let them collect and messy up my bag, which is pretty silly. Secondly, for someone who never wears much more than Chapstick, I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks/lipgloss/balms etc. in my bag. And yet, I'm always on the hunt for a better shade? I was actually surprised by how many I had...

And today's challenge is Something You're Reading. I confess I don't think I've read much for pleasure in the last few years outside of winter/summer breaks (full blame is on architecture school here). And I know I am probably the last person on earth who hasn't read this book, but I'm finally getting into Cutting for Stone. And it's GOOD. I'm almost pacing myself to not go too fast because I don't have another book on deck yet. Although, I am happy to report that just two blocks away I've discovered a library, so I'm thinking I'll have to get a card when I'm done with this book. Because free entertainment is about all I can afford right now.

Enjoy the weekend! I think it's supposed to snow tomorrow here in DC, so I'll probably be hibernating in Southwest...


  1. Was perusing other blogs and came across yours. Hi there fellow DC-er! I've heard about this book, too, and have it on my list.

    1. Nice to (virtually) meet you! I visited your blog today and am sure I'll be returning on a regular basis :-).